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Securing a Mortgage as a Self-Employed Homebuyer: What You Need to Know

Being self-employed should not stand in the way of buying a home, although it may present some unique challenges during the mortgage application process. Lenders often require more comprehensive documentation from self-employed individuals to fully understand their financial situation and to offer the most suitable financing options. Here’s what you need to prepare when you’re ready to pursue homeownership.

Essential Documents for Self-Employed Homebuyers

Records of Your Income Sources

Ensuring your income sources are well-documented is crucial. Stable income is a key indicator to lenders that you can meet mortgage payments. Include all relevant contracts, agreements, and financial statements that verify your income.

Bank Statements

Your bank statements allow lenders to verify your income flow and ensure you have the funds needed for down payments and closing costs. These statements also help lenders assess any existing debts.

Proof of Down Payment

Lenders will request documentation showing the source of your down payment to ensure it isn’t borrowed. This could include bank statements or documents proving the sale of property, savings, or gifts from family.

Business or Professional Licenses

For business owners, providing a business license or permits may be necessary. Similarly, professionals in regulated fields should be prepared to present their professional licenses.

Tax Documents

Tax-related documents such as a Notice of Assessment, T1 general tax forms, and any relevant GST/HST documents are typically required to verify your income and tax obligations.

How Mortgage Brokers Can Assist Self-Employed Homebuyers

Mortgage brokers are invaluable in navigating the complexities of mortgage applications for self-employed individuals. They have a deep understanding of lender requirements and can provide tailored advice to enhance your chances of approval.