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How to manage your expenses?

With spring in the air, we all are thinking about that “new” addition to our homes.However, Canada's housing affordability is hitting an all-time low, as per one of the big banks (the red one) recent report.This report was released at the beginning of March, where It shows, (as of the end of last year), a “representative” Canadian household would have to spend nearly 49% of its income to service a mortgage.  That is an increase of nearly 8% from a year earlier.  The long-term a...

May 30, 2022

6 Advantages of Debt Consolidation

We are living in a society where debt is an essential part of life. We have moved away from a hard cash-based society to digital banking which has given birth to debt instruments such as credit cards, lines of credit and loans. While Debt has its advantages such as paying for items later or increasing someone’s borrowing capacity, it can create havoc in someone's finances if not managed properly.We all use credit cards and sometimes end up carrying debts month to month until we are able to pay...

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